Our mission

We believe that drinking water is the healthiest way to hydrate.

Our Mission

Our mission is to raise public awareness of healthy hydration, and encourage sustainable healthy hydration habits, by sharing scientific research, educational materials and practical tools.

Nutritional advice typically focuses on food intake. Yet, the quantity and quality of the fluids we drink every day can have a significant impact on our well-being and long-term health. Therefore, one of our primary challenges is to communicate the fundamental need for healthcare policymakers and practitioners to proactively provide healthy hydration advice.

Need for action

In the context of the development of obesity worldwide and the development of kidney disease, there is a need to develop prevention approaches. Among other healthy lifestyle measures, drinking an adequate amount of water every day can significantly contribute to maintaining good heath. We believe there is a need to increase awareness on the scientific evidence supporting the need and the benefits of drinking enough water each day and to educate all stakeholders. This is precisely what the Hydration for Health initiative aims to achieve:

  • People need to be made more aware of the current worldwide obesity ‘epidemic’ and its implications for future health
  • Healthcare professionals should be encouraged to talk with colleagues and patients about the importance of encouraging water intake, particularly in children
  • Guidelines, particularly those covering hydration and health, should be made available for healthcare professionals to discuss with patients
  • Consumption of water in preference to other beverages should be highlighted as a simple step towards healthier hydration

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