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Hydration For Kidney Health Initiative update
Pr. L. Moist
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Nephrologist, Professor of Medicine and Epidemiology and Biostatistics.

Associate Chair of the Division of Nephrology and Scientist in the Program of Experimental Medicine at Western University, London, Canada.

Her clinical and research interests are focused on: the prevention of chronic kidney disease, with a special interest in hydration; and dialysis, with expertise in the vascular access for hemodialysis. Dr. Moist has had a number of leadership roles including The Ontario Renal Network Physician Lead for Dialysis Access, the Internal Medicine Physician Lead for the SW Local Health Integrated Network, and Chair of the ISN-H4KH Research Initiative. Dr. Moist is a recognized educator, clinician and researcher with multiple achievement awards, research grants and over 130 peer reviewed academic papers.

Hydration For Kidney Health Initiative update

Danone Nutricia Research and the ISN have collaborated to create the HYDRATION for KIDNEY HEALTH (H4KH) Research Initiative to stimulate interest of both established and new researchers to explore the role of hydration in kidney health. This need for science and evidence is driven by the recognition of detrimental effects of dehydration, heat and environmental factors on kidney function.

The objectives of the H4KH Research Initiative are to: enhance awareness and level of scientific evidence of the effects of hydration on kidney health; expand research capacity by supporting investigators focusing on prevention of chronic kidney disease; engage researchers in the development of trans-disciplinary research networks and to create sustainable momentum in supporting research in this field of study.

Three research opportunities have been created to meet the above objectives. They include: The ISN-H4KH New Investigator Award, the H4KH Research Grant and the inaugural H4KH Fellowship Grant

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