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Improving Global Kidney Health: The ISN initiatives and Global Kidney Health Atlas
Pr. A. Levin
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Professor of Medicine, University of British Columbia

Head Division of nephrology
Executive director BC Provincial Renal Agency
Immediate Past President International Society of Nephrology (2015-2017)

Dr Levin’s interests in early CKD, co-morbidities, and biological systems, health systems, organizational structure, and clinical research have led her to have a diverse career in nephrology.

She has mentored numerous students, residents and junior faculty, locally, nationally and internationally, and has co-lead a number of unique initiatives including early pan Canadian cohort studies in CKD, a curriculum targeted at cultivating translational kidney scientists, and most recently, is co Principal investigator of a $40million grant, for CAN SOLVE CKD, a pan Canadian network grant focused on Patient Oriented Research initiatives. She has received numerous awards for teaching and research over the years, including the Kidney Foundation Medal for Research Excellence in 2014, and the Martin Hoffman Research Excellence at UBC, in 2017. She was recognized for the totality of her efforts in improving the lives of people living with kidney disease in Canada, in 2015, with the Order of Canada (CM).

Improving Global Kidney Health: The ISN initiatives and Global Kidney Health Atlas

The ISN is committed to improving the health of people living with and at risk for kidney disease around the world. There are multiple activities, initiatives and programs to support the vision and mission of ISN. The importance of a robust measurement tool, which helps the renal community and the health community at large, appreciate the impact of all activities, cannot be overstated. The first ever attempt to capture the current state of Global Kidney Health, in accordance with the 6 components of Universal Health Care coverage, culminated in the Global Kidney Health Atlas (GKHA) published in April 2017. This document and the work it represents, serves as an excellent roadmap for countries and regions to address issues relating to access to care, gaps in participation in and application of research findings and ensures that data is available to facilitate advocacy campaigns.

The talk will focus on the issues facing the global community, key findings in the Atlas, and stimulate discussion.

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