Conference Series


  • Vasopressin and Diabetic Kidney Disease

    Ms. R. El Boustany - PhD student at Pierre & Marie Curie University, Paris, France.

    Mrs El Boustany earned her Pharm D degree from St Joseph University in Beirut, Lebanon, followed by a Master’s degree in preclinical and clinical pharmacology from René Descartes University, Paris. Her PhD project is supported by a CIFRE grant, a collaboration between Pr. ...

    Kidney Stones; Vasopressin
  • Vasopressin as a stress hormone

    Pr. I. Tack - Professor of Physiology

    Head of the Clinical Physiology Department Toulouse Medical School, Paul Sabatier University, France Professor Ivan Tack, MD, PhD is a nephrologist, Head of the Dpt of Clinical Physiology in Rangueil hospital since 2006 and Chairman of the Dpt of Physiology at Paul Saba...

  • Vasopressin and the regulation of Thirst

    Pr. D. G. Bichet - Professor of Medicine Pharmacology and Physiology at University of Montreal and a nephrologist in the Hôpital du Sacré-Coeur, Montréal (Québec), Canada

    He obtained his medical degree at the Université de Besançon (France) and completed additional clinical training at University of Montreal and McGill University affiliated hospitals. He did a research fellowship at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center under th...

  • Vasopressin - Older than you thought

    Pr. O. Devuyst - Full Professor in Medicine and Physiology at the University of Zurich (Switzerland)

    has joint appointments in the Division of Nephrology of the Saint-Luc Academic Hospital, UCL Medical School (Brussels). Dr. Devuyst and his group investigate the molecular mechanisms of the transport of water and solutes across epithelia, and the pathophysiology of inh...



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